Our approach to Counselling
We believe that everyone has potential, and during difficult times counselling can help us draw upon our inner strength to enable change. It can be challenging, and our counsellors are trained to help you find ways of resolving problems by talking through personal concerns in a safe, confidential environment.

Where do I start?

Each of us is unique with our own needs and goals. When considering counselling it is important to find a counsellor with whom you can connect and feel comfortable.

How long will it take to see some changes in my life?
In some cases changes can happen quickly, in others they are gradual. You choose how long counselling continues as you progress and the duration is entirely dependant on your specific needs.

What can I expect from Contact?
We offer the opportunity to be heard with respect and understanding, and to work through issues that are hard to handle on your own. We won’t pass judgement, tell you what to do, or offer advice, rather we will work together to help find your own solution.

Taking that first step
You have the choice to get in touch with us by phone, email, via our website, or by letter. We will arrange an appointment with a fully qualified counsellor and together we can assess whether counselling is right for you at this time. Commitment is needed in coming to counselling , the sessions last for one hour, usually on a weekly basis, our fees are flexible and are agreed prior to the first appointment

Your Counsellor

We are fully qualified, caring professionals with many years training and experience in different counselling organisations. We are committed to providing a high standard of service which adheres to the ethical standards for The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.